Ernesto (Che) Guevara Oil on Canvas Portrait

Ernesto (Che) Guevara Genre Spontaneous Realism . You can also buy Canvas Prints of this Portrait please refer to the Canvas Prints section of this e-shop  BUY CANVAS PRINTS of Ernesto (Che) Guevara

Che Guevara helped Castro to establish his regime in Cuba against Batista, and he  killed several people in a Prison in Cuba the day Castro appointed him as Director of the Prison. Later Guevara became the Governor of the Central Bank of Cuba, Minister and Ambassador, but soon he left to fight unsuccessfully with the rebels in Africa and later in Bolivia, where he finally got killed.  He was a physician. This portrait is  painted mid-2020. This portrait is painted with my exclusive color palette. Oil on Linen Canvas, museum quality, framed on a floating wooden frame. Genre Spontaneous Realism .

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You can buy Canvas Prints from this Work BUY CANVAS PRINTS OF Ernesto (Che) Guevara


Art Work Dimensions 88X88 cm 34,6X34,6 inches

Total Dimensions Including wooden Floating Frame 96X96 cm 37,8X37,8 inches

Conversion Rate 1,20 USD to 1,00 EUR- Price in USD 27800
Packing in Wooden Crate
Private Message to discuss delivery options
Delivery by Courier, Insurance and delivery cost on seller’s account .
Customs clearance expenses and import duties (if any) on Buyer’s account

Spontaneous realism, is a form of art, a sub-genre of realism, with strong elements of expressionism and German expressionism in particular, involving the combination of abstract art, bold color schemes, and apparent brush strokes. The original photo is referenced and then recreated with an unrealistic color palette.

The linen Canvas is made by the best Italian workshop. I use water soluble ink to draw the characteristics, and complete the mapping of the face elements, following by Acrylic paint which depicts the different shadow areas which secure the likeness to the person I paint. Last I start painting with oil colors of the best artist quality.

I make Portraits on Commission, and the past few years I use the Spontaneous Realism Genre to paint the Portraits with my exclusive color palette. Sent me a message to discuss details. I charge 3 EUR per square centimeter


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