Mural Vicky 200X250 cm Oil on Wall

Mural Oil on Wall w200Xh250 cm, face 180×180

  • Oil on Wall

The Wall is W200XH250 cm- however the face is 180X180 therefore the price is 180X180X3=97,200 EUR

Murals are always on commission. I paint Portraits on large walls, or large size canvas, or wood. Minimum size of a mural is 100X100 cm or 39,3X39,3 inches. I added few pictures of the process of painting a MURAL, what you see is half the process, actually it takes a lot more time to prepare the subject on my tablet, then transfer it on my iPhone and finally start the enlargement of the image from the screen of my iPhone (7X11 cm) to the wall (189X180 cm)- The technic I am using to enlarge the image is called Doodle Grid. After I finish with the portrait painting I add the surround the background, in this case is a shiny metallic gold Oil Paint
I charge 3 EURO per cm square or 19 USD per inch square. This price includes all travel expenses, taxes, and materials. I charge the size of the portrait and not the painting of the background.
It is my choice to use Acrylics or Oils. I strongly suggest a phone discussion prior any assignment.

This particular mural is decorating the entrance of the office and depicts the face of Vicky the owner of the business. It is painted with my exclusive palette and the genre is Spontaneous realism which is a form of art, a sub-genre of realism, involving the combination of abstract art, bold color schemes, and apparent brush strokes. The original photo is referenced and then recreated with an unrealistic color palette.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 2 cm


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